Take back your time.
Reclaim your life.
In a rental condo from today’s reality.

Take your place in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield,
availabilities in 2022.

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The perfect balance

Slow down. Let your life flow like a river.

Living in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield means taking roots between city and nature. Enjoy the fresh air from the Saint-Charles River and a beautiful urban park. Find all stores, services, great restaurants, and schools only minutes away. Spend less time on the road, and more surrounded by the people who matter the most to you.

Find your balance

A unique Environment

To make the most of every new day

At Valléa, a modern district on a human scale, you’ll only find 4 storey buildings with 8 units each. Like a quaint village with its own private streets, spreading around a lush park. Work from your large, bright office while enjoying the beautiful view of the greenery. Then, take a short family break for a breath of fresh air. You finally have the time to do so.

Seize the moment

The home
of your dreams, within your reach.

Renting is the answer

Between the real estate crisis, rising interest rates and the unpredictable cost of materials, the dream of owning a home today demands major sacrifices. Renting means that for an affordable monthly price, you can finally enjoy a brand-new 2-or 3-bedroom home. Such an expense is simple to budget for—and still leaves you plenty of room to enjoy other fine things in life.

Choose your rental condo

Just live.

The freedom of renting

“Living” means more than just “being.” Wake up in a quality environment that has known no one else before you. Move into your new home just by installing your kitchen appliances, setting up your furniture, and unpacking your boxes. Claim back your evenings, your weekends, moments you thought were lost and finally say “yes” whenever opportunities present themselves.

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